Ryan Adams Tour Dates

Ryan Adams' 8 US and 1 Canadian tour dates are now official...

Adams will take his musical odyssey to:

Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center (June 18)
Chicago, IL - The Black Orchid (19)
Detroit, MI - Gem Theater (20)
Toronto, Ontario - Enwave Theater (22)
Burlington, VT - Higher Ground (24)
Philadelphia, PA - Fillmore at the TLA (28)
Boston, MA - Somerville Theater (29)
Salt Lake City, UT - Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre (July 31)
Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre (August 3)

Couple things:
(1) Ryan Adams is almost literally down the street from where I live...amazing...
(2) Since when did the TLA in Philly change its name to the Fillmore?? This renaming of classic venues really needs to stop...

Easy Tiger is set for release on June 26th...


Ian Curtis Biopic Highly Touted At Cannes Film Festival

Control the highly anticipated biopic on the tragically short life of Ian Curtis, (frontman of Joy Division,) was well received at the Cannes Film Festival.

Most notably, the film won the prize for "Best European Film."

The director of this film is Anton Corbijn, who you may know as the director of many classic videos including: Nirvana's "Heart-shaped Box" video in 1993, U2's "One" in 1992, Henry Rollins' "Liar" in 1994, "Re-Offender" by Travis in 2003, "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers in 2005 and "Talk" by Coldplay in 2005.

I am highly looking forward to this movie which should be out sometime later this year...


Call Me Corny...

I was thinking about this song this morning. I've liked Third Eye Blind's "Graduate" ever since it came out nearly 10 years ago. I guess it has always popped up at that time when I am actually graduating. The song was pretty much a hit single when I graduated High School (damn I'm getting old), and still rocks today...

Call me corny...


New Thrills Album!

The California sounding - Irish Rockers will have a new album entitled Teenager, which is scheduled to be released on July 24th.

Teenager is the follow-up to 2004's Let's Bottle Bohemia, which by the way is fantastic - along with their first album So Much For The City.


New Morrissey Date - Atlanta

Morrissey will be appearing at Chastain Park in Atlanta, GA on July 20th.

Ticket information is as follows:
July 20 ATLANTA, GA : Chastain Park
Onsale 10 a.m., May 25
Presale 10 a.m., May 23 - 10 p.m. May 24


Muse - New Born

Every now and then, I have a moment in where I am listening to a song and it is so damn good that I even forget where I am for a moment.

Today I had one of those moments...
My Ipod was on shuffle (as it always is), and "New Born," by Muse came up. About 2 minutes into the song I was completely somewhere else. That is when you can tell a piece of music is good. It takes you somewhere you didn't even want to go in the first place. It forces you to listen. It demands to be heard...

Anywho, here is a video of "New Born" live.

On a side note, can anyone explain how they can play in front of 50,000 people in England or Europe, but they only open for My Chemical Romance here in the States.

Europe has it right, they always have and always will...


Cohen to Play Freddie Mercury??

I have no idea if this is serious or not but I just read this on NME.com and I had to share it..

Borat actor to portray Queen frontman in biopic

Sacha Baron Cohen takes on Freddie Mercury role
49 minutes ago

Sacha Baron Cohen has signed on to portray Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in a forthcoming film.

The actor, widely known for his Borat and Ali G characters, has agreed to play the flamboyant singer in the as-yet-untitled biopic. The film will chronicle Mercury's music, lifestyle and untimely death in 1991 due to AIDS complications.

Cohen beat out actor Johnny Depp to the role, according to the Mirror.

"Film makers are working flat out to get the best possible script," said an unidentified source. "Sacha loves the idea he can get away with playing Freddie after modelling Borat's look on him."

--By our Los Angeles staff.

This can only mean 2 things to me...

This is (A), the greatest hoax of all time. Or (B) one of the most brilliant jobs in casting ever...

I'm hoping this project gets the green light and is actually made if it is (B).






Muse To Play MSG

It has been announced that Muse will play Madison Square Garden in New York City this summer.

Currently Muse is on tour with My Chemical Romance on an arena tour in North America. This tour has been put temporarily on hold due to some sort of food-borne illness that has spread through the crew of both bands and reportedly some of the members of MCR as well.

Muse will be touring Europe this summer before heading back to the States to play Lollapalooza on August 4th.

According to NME.com, Muse will play MSG on August 11, although on Muse's official site, http://www.muse.mu/, this date is listed as August 6th.

Stay tuned for clarification...