Lieutenant Dangle hearts Morrissey

This is from a recent interview in regards to the movie "Reno 911 Miami."

From A.V. Club.com

AVC: Lieutenant Dangle, in the film, you wear a pretty well-worn Morrissey
shirt as part of your civvies. How long have you been a Morrissey fan?

JD: I've been a lifelong Morrissey enthusiast. I've written a lot of
cards and letters to him. I haven't gotten any response back, and he's my number
two of my top eight friends on MySpace. On the other side, I've looked at his
MySpace, and I somehow have not made his top eight. So I don't know if this is
kind of a one-way street we've got going here, but Mr. Morrissey, Steven—if I
may call you that—if you are reading this interview, you could do me the solid
of putting me in your top eight.

Classic stuff...

The whole interview can be found here

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