Does This Mean I Am Going To Have To Buy Timberlake's Next Album?

Timbaland, who has been Justin Timberlake's producer, has stated he wants Timberlake's new album to sound like The Rapture.

Timberlake and Timbaland are both huge fans of the song "House of Jealous Lovers" off of The Rapture's album Echoes. Timberlake actually comes out to this song as his entrance music for his current tour.

As embarrassing as it is, it is getting harder and harder not to like Timberlake's music. I mean Timbaland has always had fantastic beats. He is the only thing that made Missy Elliott even remotely listenable to me. If Timbaland comes through with a "Rapture-like" album for Timberlake's next album, I just might have to actually check it out.

Timbaland has been a fan of recent "alt-rock" music. He has been quoted numerous times already in his desire to work with Chris Martin and Coldplay, has produced for Beck, and on his current album of his own Shock Value, Timbaland works with, (of all people), The Hives!

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