Why Delay The Inevitable?

Noel Gallagher in an NME interview has asked (whether jokingly or not) to play Glastonbury as a solo act.
In the interview he is quoted as saying, "Playing the acoustic stuff at the festivals, that would be good," admitted Gallagher. "Actually, Glastonbury acoustic tent sounds nice! That would be good. Yeah, do us a favour stick that in and Mr. Eavis will give me a call!"

Is this the inevitable solo career that many of us have been waiting for out of Noel? Don't get me wrong, it wouldn't be the same without Liam but, we all know who the brains and creativity is behind Oasis' success.

Now that Noel is excited to play more and more as a solo act, is there a solo album on the horizon? Only time will tell...

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