Pete Yorn - Avalon, Boston 3/19

Check him off the list, I have finally seen Pete Yorn live.

Yorn put on a great show on his stop in Boston for his Morning, Day and Night tour.

The setlist spanned all three albums, with a few covers intermixed. My favorite cover by Yorn (besides "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out," which he sadly didn't play), The Association's, "Never My Love" was an excellent treat. Yorn has an EP titled Westerns which unfortunately is only available at his live shows. If you can get your hands on a copy of this, I would highly recommend it. Besides "Never My Love," the EP includes the Ryan Adams-esque, "The Man." Another great tune and worth a listen.

Yorn's main set was sprinkled with fan favorites "Burrito" and a really neat stripped down version of "Strange Condition" which almost made it sound like a completely different song than the album version, all the while it was right on point. It appears that "Burrito" was not on the original set list, but Yorn, known to take requests and please a crowd, played it towards the end of his main set.

I really respect the fact that, like Noel Gallagher, Yorn completely resigns to the fact that he takes some of his best riffs are completely taken from some of his favorite artists. He has been noted to say that he is usually accused of ripping off Cat Stevens in his song "Crystal Village." His response to that is, "that is completely ridiculous, it's clearly a rip off of "Shes a Jar" by Wilco." Also, he tweaked the riff from Jeff Buckley's version of Leonard Cohen's take on "Hallelujah" to make "Just Another." It's great when artists can take what they like and repackage it into something completely different and have the guts to just say "yeah I borrowed that riff, because I love it."

Yorn's band consisted of Joe Kennedy, who has toured with him now for over 6 years and the opening band Minibar. Minibar consisted of great musicians that were really able to do all the music great justice. They also eerily looked like Pete Yorn clones...

According to Peteyorn.com the set list was as follows, although it doesn't include Burrito:

For Nancy
For Us
Strange Condition
Long Way Down
Just Another
The Man
Never My Love (The Association)
Maybe I'm Right
Dead Flowers (The Rolling Stones)
Little Surfer (The Beach Boys)

Lose You
Splendid Isolation (Warren Zevon)
Life on a Chain
Crystal Village

The EP Westerns can be previewed here at Vedderfreak12's blog...

Note: Apparently Joe Kennedy's bag was stolen backstage at the Electric Factory in Philly. He has posted this message on Yorn's message board.

Hello all.

My laptop bag was stolen from the dressing room in the Electric Factory on March 17. That bag had my entire life in it-- laptop, iPod, passport, house keys, checkbook, MBox, and worst of all my firewire drive, which contains the entire record I'm working on and all of my personal photos from the last four years. Much of the data is backed up, but some of it isn't.

There were a lot of people backstage that night due to the extremely lax security at the Electric Factory. The bag was stolen by either:

A. An employee of the Electric Factory, or
B. A concertgoer and presumed "fan" of Pete Yorn

I know lots of my MySpace friends are PY fans, and some of you were at the Electric Factory that night. If anybody sees this message and either has my bag or knows someone who does, please contact me here at MySpace. If you want to contact me through a third party, that is fine-- I will make arrangements to retrieve the bag without pressing charges and I will ask no further questions. If I get the bag back intact, I'm prepared to pay a handsome reward.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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