Radiohead Rumored to be Courted by Starbucks

According to the NY Daily News last week, Radiohead is being sought out by Starbucks to be the second release by their newly founded record label.
Recently, Sir Paul McCartney released the label's first album earlier this month.

This is sort of disturbing news for me. I think the band should take the route they were rumoured to have been doing in the first place and that is releasing their new material under their own label that they can create themselves. A lot of established artists are doing this lately and in doing this, Yorke and crew can call their own shots (something that was bothering them about their previous label).

Radiohead being associated with the whole Starbucks family of products doesn't seem to sit right with me. Sir Paul I can see (which is not a negative thing) joining and being successful with this venture. Radiohead would have a lot of questions to answer if they went through with this...

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