Mew - Paradise - Boston, March 23

Mew played last night at the Paradise here in Boston. I've said it a million times and I will say it again, the Paradise is my favorite venue in Boston. Period. The fact that you can be so close, no matter where you are in the venue is incredible. It is a very intimate venue and it makes for great energy for any show.

I was a little worried at first that Jonas Bjerre's voice would not sound as good live as it does on the studio recordings. I was definitely wrong. His voice was amazing live as his falsetto style was near perfect.

Mew played a good mix of their current album And The Glass Handed Kites, and their previous album Frengers, which was released in 2003, but in the United States it was released this past month. Songs like "Am I Wry? No." and "Zookeeper's Boy" were well received and of course their current single "Special" received a warm welcome at the beginning of their encore. If you are a fan of And The Glass Handed Kites, you will also enjoy Frengers as it has songs with similar stylings.

This band musically is as tight as it gets. Mew does a great job of creating subtle calm moods at a opening of a song then completely destroying that and blowing you away by the time you get to the first chorus only to be able to have the control to bring that mood right back down again.

Mew was happy to finally play to their own crowd here in Boston, as the past few times they have been here, was in support of other artists such as Kasabian. Guitarist Bo Madsen said that the band were fond of Boston, being that the producer for their first album was from Boston and that they always received a warm welcome when performing here.

If you had to categorize them (which I loathe doing), you would have to say they were somewhere in the "Art-Rock/Prog Rock" realm in the current state of rock music. All-Music Guide calls them "Space-Pop," whatever that means...

If they are coming around to your town anytime soon, I highly suggest seeing these guys live.

For more info on Mew visit their site here.

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